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The Present Scenario

At present Jesu Ashram Health Care Centre is equipped with 300 beds with license from the Chief Medical Officer of Health, under the West Bengal Clinical Establishments Act of 1998. The Health Care Centre functions under three Sections (wards): General, Tuberculosis and Leprosy. It provides free medical care, food and lodging to the poor and needy without any discrimination. Jesu Ashram also runs various health related programs.

General Ward

Recently renovated General Ward looks neat and clean where people with various illnesses are provided treatment. ]esu Ashram treats patients with ordinary illness. Those who need specialized treatment are sent to nearby Government and Private Hospitals. This ward also looks after physically and mentally handicapped persons. It also takes care of some elderly persons who have nowhere to go. There is also a separate ward for children as well.

Tuberculosis Ward

Tuberculosis is a killer disease. Every year more people die of TB than all the natural calamities of the world put together. India is the highest TB burden country according to the World Health Organization (WHO) statistics for 2011 giving an estimated incidence figure of 2.2 1 A incidence of 8.7 million cases. More than 500 TB patients are admitted in Jesu Ashram every year and similar number of patients are treated in OPD. Causality in TB ward is very high, about 70 persons every year! The main reason for such high death rate is that most of the patients come here belong to CAT-II which means they are resistant to the normal TB Drug. Moreover they come for assistance when they are in a critical stage.

Jesu Ashram is trying its best to control and eradicate TB. Jesu Ashram has collaborated with Government efforts by implementing the Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme (RNTCP). It follows a tuberculosis monitoring program known as DOTS (Directly Observed Treatment, ‘ – Short-course]. The bright side is that . Jesu Ashram has saved thousands of lives through the TB Programs.

Leprosy Ward :

In many countries Leprosy is totally eradicated, but not so in India. Every time we come across new cases of Leprosy. Leprosy is caused by particular bacteria which affects the nervous system and due to that there is a lack of sensation in the affected part or the organ. Patients may develop ulcers and deformities if not treated on time. In India there is also a social stigma attached to the disease. The patient not only suffers physically but also psychologically.

Jesu Ashram has treated more than 8000 leprosy patients on record. Jesu Ashram is grateful to SOS-India for the gift of well furnished new leprosy ward.

Hiv – AIDS cum Nutrition Program

Jesu Ashram supports people living with HIV. Jesu Ashram in collaboration with Government of West Bengal was running HIV-AIDS project. At the ‘ moment this project is closed e =. because the Government stopped ,4‘ _ funding the project. ]esu Ashram ‘ has supported more than 1900 people living with HIV and still continues to provide counseling and nutritional support. Children who are malnourished or under-nourished are also part ofthis program.

Rehabilitation Program

Some of the Leprosy patients who are suffering from deformities caused by leprosy and have nowhere to l go, ]esu Ashram tries to rehabilitate them in a nearby place. These patients are given meals, medicines, financial support and care.


Jesu Ashram conducts regular surveys in slums and rural \’ areas specially to identify the areas for medical camps. Survey also help us to identify the Cases of Communicable disease Such as TB, Leprosy, AIDS and so on provide counseling and treatment.

Medical Camps & Awareness Programs

Jesu Ashram also organizes health awareness programs and medical camps in different places especially in remote rural areas. It spreads awareness for prevention of communicable diseases and teaches methods to promote health and hygiene.

Nursing Course

Due to poverty many young girls have no opportunity to go for higher studies. For such young girls Jesu Ashram runs two years of Nursing Course. After completion of the curse they have a bright future for working in some reputed hospitals. Seventeen such batches of Nursing Students have graduated from Jesu Ashram.

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