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News Jan – Feb 2016

  • Month of January-February was the month of visitors from abroad. We had a young student Gloria Czernin from Austria for about one and half months. We also had Adam, a Jesuit novice from Canada for a month. Adam was supposed to stay for a few  more months in the province but had to leave abruptly due to his father’s ill health. Both Adam and Gloria contributed a lot working in the wards and teaching English  to the nursing students.
  • Jenny Cafiso from the mission office of Canada and Carolin Auner  from the mission office of Germany also visited Jesu Ashram. We had a very meaningful dialogue with the representatives of both the mission office.
  • Fr Bujji Babu from Andhra province was here with two ladies from Belgium. They were happy to see Jesu Ashram working for the destitute and the medical care we provide to the needy.
  • Patizia Bianconi our collaborator from Italy is working hard to set up an Operation Theatre for the leprosy ward. This will help us  to do the reconstructive surgery for the patients and to  rectify their deformities. After the surgeries they will be able to  use their hands and legs and gain confidence and dignity. Patrizia will be visiting Jesu Ashram in the end of March.
  • Fr. Paulouse is away in Mangalore to give a one month Ignatian retreat to the Bethany Sisters. He will be back in the first week of March.  Soon after that Fr Jose will be leaving for Kerala for his Aurvedic treatment and Spiritual renewal. He will be away for three months or so. We are eagerly waiting for Fr Marianus Kullu who will come and join the team shortly.

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