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Annual Message April 2014-March 2015

I. Annual Report at a Glance: ( April 2014-March 2015) 

Total number of beneficiaries: 6597 in one accounting year.

Jesu Ashram is a home for the destitute and the poor. It provides free medical care, food and lodging to such people. From the annual report it is clear that so many of them are helped and given new life through Jesu Ashram.

Number of Patients











Out -Patient-Department (OPD)





Total Patients Treated






After treatment










 II. Tuberculosis Ward:

July 12, 2015, Sunday, a young man named Rahul Mahali of 43 years of age arrives in a cycle-rickshaw to Jesu Ashram. Rahul lookes very ill and tired. With great difficulty he pronounces his name. Looking at Rahul’s serious condition the nurse on duty asks him to lie down on the wooden bench out side. Mean while she goes to make necessary arrangements to admit Rahul. After having made the arrangements she returns to Rahul in about ten minutes and to her utter surprise she finds Rahul already dead.

Rahul was suffering from Tuberculosis which was in quite advance stage. We had no idea where Rahul came from. No one came to inquire about him or even to claim his dead body. However Jesu Ashram gave him a fitting burial.

This is not a stray incident for Jesu Ashram. Last year ( April 2014-March 2015) we had 77 such deaths in Jesu Ashram out of which 48 in Tuberculosis Ward alone. Tuberculosis (TB) is a killer disease in India. The cases of Multi Drug Resistant TB (MDR-TB) are increasing. Every year millions of people die in India of Tuberculosis. Jesu Ashram is working hard to fight against Tuberculosis in the same way as it is also fighting against Leprosy. Jesu Ashram provides free treatment for about 600 Tuberculosis patients every year and saves hundreds of lives. The treatment is very expansive and it needs to be continued for about six to twelve months. Food, medicines and accommodations for so many people is a big financial burden for Jesu Ashram as it depends purely on donations. We invite the people of good will to support us wholeheartedly so that these programs can continue and many persons like Rahul can be saved.

As you are very much aware of the enormous destruction caused in Nepal by recent earthquakes, we too are affected by the same as we are only 25 kilometers away from Nepal boarder. Most of our buildings are in good condition and standing strong except the Tuberculosis Ward. The concrete roof (terrace) of the building has developed many cracks and water is dripping in the ward. We have to arrange the beds in such a way to avoid water dripping on the patients and constantly collect water in buckets. I am afraid if something is not done immediately it will soon weaken the entire building. This will affect about 600 Tuberculosis patients we treat every year. The only permanent solution to this problem is to put up a tin roof over it to prevent water falling on the concrete roof. This will also provide additional rooms for the patients too.

III. Leprosy Ward:

Jesu Ashram is blessed with a New Leprosy Ward which was inaugurated in October 2014. The new building is a result of hard work of Mrs. Patrizia Bianconi from Itali. She mobilized funds for the construction of the building. She is trying to raise funds for the Operation Theatre to initiate reconstructive surgeries for the Leprosy patients who have developed deformities due to the disease. Leprosy is slowly declining in India but still we come across new cases. Last year we had 78 new cases of Leprosy!

IV. General Ward: 

The Renovated General Ward has a got a face lift. Thanks to CJI for providing necessary monetary help. The renovation of rooms, dormitories, toilets, corridors is completed. The renovation has helped us to keep the ward clean and hygienic. More than five thousand patients every year will enjoy these facilities in the General Ward in the years to come.

However the renovation of the campus path and waiting area is still pending due to the financial constra

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