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Annual Reports 2013 – 14

Leprosy General W Tuberculosis Total
No. Admission 359 1416 520 2295
No. Discharge 327 1127 497 1191
No. Death 6 42 39 87
No. burial 3 15 10 28
No. OPD 149 2809 12 3078
Surgery 312 X X 312


Jesu Ashram which trusts on Providence of God is out on a mission to spread the Kingdom of
God not merely through words but also through deeds. As Jesus has said, “ The kingdom of
heaven is at hand. Heal the sick, raise the dead, and cleanse lepers, cast out demons. You have
received without paying, give without pay.” Jesu Ashram has nothing of its own but all received
form generous souls like you. Many poor and neglected people from near and far came here for
medical help. Like previous years this year (from 1st April 2013 to 31st March 2014) too Jesu
Ashram has helped more than 12, 800 patients suffering from different types of sicknesses
including Leprosy, Tuberculosis and other communicable diseases.

We are pleased to share that many critical patients have received new life. Those who had no
one to look after them have received care, love and dignity of a human being. At Jesu Ashram
they receive free food, shelter and medical care. It so nice to see many of them go back home
smiling. Many homeless and abandoned people come to Jesu Ashram for a refuge. This is only
possible because of generous donors like you. We would like to thank you very much for your
help and support to Jesu Ashram to fulfill its mission.

1. Construction of leprosy ward
The construction of much wanted leprosy ward, sponsored by SOS (India) has come to near
completion. It is a two story building, large enough to accommodate 100 patients. Hygiene is
the prime concern for the leprosy patients for the speedy recovery of their ulcerous wounds. The
new ward is built with good flooring and wall- tiles which will help us to the ward clean and

In the developing countries like India education plays an important role. Education enhances
social and economic development. At Jesu Ashram young girls belonging to economically
backward families are given wonderful opportunity to do their nurse training. Along with the
nurse training they also learn computers. It gives them an additional skill and qualification to find
suitable jobs once they have completed their training. Thanks to SOS (India) and Caritas Italy for
supporting the nursing students.

2. Closer of HIV/AIDS
Jesu Ashram served the HIV/AIDS patients from 2001 onward. From 2008 Jesu Ashram was
declared are a community care centre by the Government of India. Since then there were 1800
HIV/AIDS patients had been registered at our centre and were administered. This programme
was run under the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India (CBCI). The CBCI got the fund from the
government of India to run the project. Unfortunately the Government has stopped this project
for lack of funds. Jesu Ashram was directed to send all the patients to the nearby Government
Hospital. Jesu Ashram could not provide the medication for want of fund and unavailability of
Anti Retroviral Therapy (ART). Therefore all the patients are directed to the government Hospital.
However there are some of the HIV/AIDS patients in Jesu Ashram who are suffering from
tuberculosis and under going treatment. Dr. Rani has been helping Jesu ashram specially taking
care of children suffering from malnourishment and HIV/AIDS. Her dedicated service is well
appreciated by all.

3. Tuberculosis monitoring program
known as DOTS ( Directly Observed Treatment, Shortcourse)
is running well at Jesu Ashram. Tuberculosis is a killer disease and millions of
people including children and youth die every year due to this disease.
Tuberculosis section is the only one section where Jesu Ashram receives a help in form of
Medicine for the Tuberculosis patients. This year Jesu Ashram treated 1317 Tuberculosis
patients. This year it is observed at Jesu Ashram that the number of young people affected by
tuberculosis has increased. Many school going children have to drop their school for the
treatment of tuberculosis. The death rate in this section is very high. Out of 1317 patients 39
patients expired that is about 3%. It is because the patients come very late. One of our big
challenges is many people are put onto Category. In the category I, are those patients who never
took anti tuberculosis drug, and in category II the patients who finished one course of anti
tuberculosis drug but still not cured, the other who start anti tuberculosis drug but did not
complete the treatment and again they have to start the drugs. There is a danger that many
patients will be resistant in future. In Jesu Ashram almost 20% of the patients are of the
Category II. The tuberculosis department of West Bengal supplied anti tuberculosis drug for all
the patients except 36. These 36 patients are supplied anti tuberculosis drug from Jesu Ashram.

4. Death of an over weight patient
A very sick lady who was a rather over weight was brought from New Jalpaiguri Railway
platform. With great difficulty she managed to walk to serious section in general ward. Our
beds were too small for her size and she found too difficult to climb up and down the bed. At
her request Jesu Ashram made special arrangement for her to sleep on the floor. She was at Jesu
Ashram just for a few weeks but it made every one sweat when we had to move her to
washroom or so on. She died peacefully. But for Jesu Ashram It was a Hercules-task to transport
her body. To take the body out of the ward we have to use a cart pulled by six people. Perhaps
she was the heaviest patient Jesu Ashram had ever encountered.

5. Heart Surgery
Elengina a 6 year old child from Danga Para village required a heart surgery. Her parents being
the tea garden workers could not afford the surgery. Jesu Ashram organized the surgery with
help of benefactor. The surgery is done in Christian Medical College in Tamil Nadu. Elengina is
fine and back to school. For her parents this is no less than a miracle.

6. Nursing training
13 students passed out and all of them are employed:
Due to poverty many young after completing their schooling or pre university education has no
opportunity for higher education. For such young girls Jesu Ashram runs two years Nurse
Training (public health workers). After completing two years of training they render one year
service to Jesu Ashram as Junior Nurse to gain experience. This year 13 of the nursing students
completed on 31 December and all of them are taken for job in different hospitals. On 2nd
January other 15 young girls joined for the same course. All of them are from Hindi medium
school so all are given three months of intensive English course before they begin their nurse

7. Renovation of General ward:
Thanks to Manos Unidas for providing funds for the purchase of new ambulance and the
renovation of the Female Section in the General Ward. Now this section has not only a brand
new look, but also it is brighter, cleaner and definitely more hygienic as well.

8. Nutritional Support Program
The nutritional support program for children was started for the HIV/AIDS infected children. In
our list there were 60 such children. At present there are only 45 of them come to receive
nutritional support. Probably some of these children have died. Since last year we have
included malnourished children as well to this program.

9. Dr. Nibir Biswas transferred to Calcutta and in his place Rajesh Mandal has came to help Jesu
Dr. Nibir Biswas worked in North Bengal Medical College and Hospital in the skin department.
He had special love and interest in Leprosy patients. He came to Jesu Ashram out door clinic
every Wednesday to see our Leprosy patients. He also organized sensitivity test for all the
Leprosy patients who did not respond to the MDT (Multidrug Therapy). He is transferred to
Calcutta. He requested another doctor namely, Dr. Rajesh Mandal to help us in the department.
Dr. Rajesh Mandal is a dedicated person who provides voluntary service to our weekly Leprosy
clinic in Malaguri.


10. Phatima a rehabilitated patients dies at Jesu Ashram
Phatima Murmu, a tribal lady contracted Leprosy at the age of 40. She came to Jesu Ashram for
her treatment in 1977 by this time leprosy was in very advance stage. She has already developed
clawed hands, her nose bridge was broken, and had big ulcers in one of the legs. Her leg was
later on amputated in Jesu Ashram. She managed her life pretty well with an artificial leg made
of bamboo. Phatima never went back her family due to stigma of leprosy. She was enrolled on in
Jesu Ashram rehabilitation program. She stayed with other disabled people in one of the Jesu
Ashram rehabilitation house. She died peacefully on July 18, 2013 after a brief illness. She was
given a Christian burial by Jesu Ashram staff and patients.

11. Transporting 3195 patients in a year to Medical College for diagnosis and treatment
Addition of much larger ambulance has facilitated Jesu Ashram to transport patients to Medical
College for diagnosis and treatment. On average Jesu Ashrams transports every day 20 patients
to North Bengal Medical College and Hospital to consult and diagnose the patients. The
ambulance also is used for transporting medical staff and students to villages for health
awareness programs and medical camps.

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